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Planning Applications

Once you have a finalised design you are happy with, the next step is to submit the design drawings for Planning Permission Approval and relevant Building Regulations Approval.

We can advise on the cost of planning applications, and also provide you with a quote to fully manage your planning application including all relevant drawings and collating other required information.

Martin Rigby Architects have excellent contacts with local planners and a strong track record of securing planning approvals for residential and commercial developments, including some controversial and difficult design schemes.

Planners are increasingly involved in minor matters that have little impact on the overall development, yet this takes time to resolve and requires experience. Our architect and planning consultant will help to successfully navigate the planning process and building regulations on your behalf.

We respond quickly and efficiently to the planners requirements and demands. This may involve various survey requests or require the expertise of a specialist consultant.

Our Planning Application service will;

Attend pre-application meetings with the planners on your behalf.
Collate and submit all plans and required information to planning.
Respond quickly to any issues arising during the planning process.
Monitor your planning application through to approval.